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Weekly Update #12

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Material updates!

Just a heads up to any fellow writers out there, having the end goal of a chapter be “shorter than the other ones” is probably not a good idea. At least it’s not for me. Maybe it’s a great idea for you. I don’t know your life.


I never know what I’m doing. Don’t listen to me. Except keep listening, ’cause it’s fun to laugh at my hot mess of an approach to life. I think. I hope. Like I said, I don’t know what I’m doing.


… I’m never gonna say that again.

But what have I been up to since the last update?

Well, I’ve updated one of my pens and my journal! And by “update,” I mean I ran out of ink and paper respectively and had to get new ones.

Pics of My Journals!

Because people care about that, right?

Picture of my old journal that I had to edit because I didn’t think taking a picture of a dark thing against a dark background through.

It’s got, like, a backwards embossed “Q” design thing on the cover, fyi.

My current journal. I like it. It’s cute. Just wish it had the pen loop the other did.

The fact that I finished anything is monumental enough, but finishing two things in one week is blue moon levels of rare.

Also, I’m oddly more proud of the pen than I am of the journal.

A little backstory:

A vague amount of time ago, my mom and I got a pack of pens because they had a purple one I think? That mom wanted?

Whatever. It doesn’t matter. Point is I have most of a pack of pens that I’m working through. And the pen I had been using as an Author’s Note pen is one I got straight out of the package and used until it ran out of ink. Not one I found on the ground that was mostly used up anyway, not one I got and lost and became someone else’s earlier example, but one I used all the way up!

I don’t know why this makes me so irrationally proud. Feel free to judge me. I know it’s weird and won’t blame you.

So what about your story?

So for this week I’ve got a neat little gif that perfectly encapsulates the scene(s) I’ve been working on this week:


No. I will not clarify myself. Mwahaha!

See y’all again next week!

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