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An Excerpt from My Journal

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Exactly what it says on the tin.

Transcripts from my writing journal for today. Minor grammatical edits also made, but this will be word for word. I’ll keep adding things through the day as I get a chance to type them up. Enjoy!

9:08 am – 9:39 am

So, what do I want to talk about this week?

Should I talk about my writing process?1 Again? What I’ve been doing?2 Nothing interesting. A writing exercise? Another update consisting of gifs?3 No. A complaint about my inability to easily switch tasks without outside pressure or (sometimes) physical stimuli?

Talk about wanting to start a writing group but not sure if I’m up for the commitment?4 Note: I'm not sure why this is a separate paragraph. Knowing me, there probably wasn't even a reason, let alone a good one.

I’m gonna check out the writing exercise for today from that book I got.

Day 1

Five-minute prompt:


Midday prompt:

Write from the perspective of a mouse in a cupboard.

Dinner prompt:

A star falls in a family’s backyard. Only it’s not a star but a very friendly alien.

Isn’t the dinner prompt the plot of Stardust? Then again, I’m not sure her attitude could accurately be described as “friendly”.

I guess I could try this out. Should I get a timer or something?

Probably. Know I won’t tho.5 Here I switched to my fountain pen, so the ink color changed.

You know what, fuck it. I’ve got my phone right here, let’s set the sucker to 10 min6 I know/knew the prompt said 5 min. I'm basing this on a different exercise I read elsewhere. and see how far I can get with the prompt “Peaches”

Peaches are okay I guess. My initial reaction to them is to categorize them as “something I like.” But I never seem to want to eat them unless I make the conscious decision to. Like, I never get random peach cravings or anything like that. I do get fry cravings tho. Maybe I just prefer potatoes. Or salt.

Maybe I just don’t like fruit that much. ‘Cause I don’t get banana or strawberry cravings either. I’m not convinced More likely its that fruit & other such, I don’t know, “health foods,” I guess, take more prep time than I’m usually willing to deal with when I become reach the point of actually stopping whatever it is I’m doing to scope out some food.

Pretty sure if I was a superhero, Inertia would be my big arch-nemesis. Which is a pretty bad-ass sounding villain when I think about it.

Inertia “Oh no! Inertia has stolen all the peaches so no one can eat them before they become gross or bad! Will our hero get off her ass and actually eat the fruit in time? Tune in next week… “

Maybe having a “tune in next week” on a show where

Hmm. That wasn’t so bad. Helped break a bit of my writing exercise wall of awful if nothing else.

Not sure if I should do the others now or later. They are labeled for times of day that it’s not, but I could use my aforementioned inertia for good if I just kept going now.

Nah. My hand is cramping. I’ll get to it later.

11:43 am

Holy shit, how the fuck do fonts work?!7 It was at this point I was desperately trying to figure out how to change the font on a wordpress post. I never found out and gave up.

12:518 pm

I need to fix the categories on my site.

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