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Compilation Update

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So I’ve neglected my blog’s weekly updates for a while. I’m pretty sure its because my internal schedule recalibration system needs an update I don’t know how to give it, so it tends to lag a bit.

Anyway, I thought I’d give a quick rundown of what’s transpired in the past few weeks and a quick note as to where I am in my writing progress.

So let’s get started.

Kidney Stones

I have them. Guess how I found out.1 Hint, it was not fun.

School’s Back

The semester’s started again, which is the key culprit in uprooting what semblance of a routine I had before. But everything’s been going really well so far, which I’m sure has expedited my re-scheduling process considerably.

Professional Interpreting Attire is Basically Diet Goth2 For me anyway. Given my pale ass self, black gives the best contrast against my skin tone, which you need to have to make it easier to read your signs without causing undue eyestrain.

There’s a whiteboard in the ASL wing’s hallway where one can post pertinent community info so everyone can get a chance to see it. Stuff like which performances are the interpreted ones for SAC theater productions, panels students can attend to get a Deaf Event3 of which several are required for many classes and relevant off-campus stuff. One of which was a massive JC Penney sale on professional attire.

Like, a-cumulative-discount-of-80%-off-if-you-bring-your-college-id massive.

And given that I owned only one solid colored shirt4 Even if you don't have the contrast down, patterns play hell on depth perception and eyestrain., Mom and I decided to at least check it out. And we walked away with a nice little repertoire of black clothes in a few different levels of formality. Yay!

A Quick Note as to Where I Am in the Writing Process

I’m working on plotting the falling action immediately following the climax, so I’m pretty close to finishing the chapter outline. Once that’s done, I’m gonna get back to actually writing the thing, which should translate to more updates that y’all guys will see relatively soon. 🙂

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